Years after a devastating storm plunges a community into darkness, one survivor returns to find the true story of the heroes of that day. What she finds can only be described as wounded hearts within a wounded wilderness.

On July 4th, 1999, the small community of Grand Marais Minnesota was plunged into the darkness of a devastating storm. Thousands would be trapped up the remote Gunflint Trail Highway with no way out. 

While the storm raged one man would lead a crew from the Cook County Highway Department into the darkness of the storm. The story of ones man's journey into the storm while facing the demons he faced in life. 

An intertwining tale of friendship and silent heroic valor. The tale of heroes in life and legends that rose in death. 

The True Story of Sultan of Scrape.


October 2002, the life of one man would tragically end. In 2019, his story will be brought to life.

The film "Sultan of Scrape tells the true intertwining tale of John Allen Goble who would take part in the rescue cleanup efforts during the 1999 BWCA Blowdown storm. In a time of darkness, John and the Cook County Highway Department would be the first to venture into the storm of the century. With hundreds trapped up a remote scenic highway, John and his crew would attempt the impossible in challenging mother-nature.

Outside of the storm, John was known as the good man and a quiet sole. John would question his path in life only to have it all answered when darkness fell. The life of one man brought to life to inspire audiences around the world.