About Us

Joel Adam - Director & Producer


 With over 10 years of working in the Film & Television industry on a magnitude Feature Films and Television projects, Joel has returned to Minnesota, where he was born and raised, as the director of Sultan of Scrape which is based on the small town he grew up in.  

Joel has spent over five years researching and interviewing for the real life story of Sultan of Scrape. Now him and his crew are bringing it to life.

Ryan McGivern - Producer


Ryan started his career for productions working on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Animal Kingdom", and now works as a Producer / Director for the production company GOV Productions - Duluth Film Company, located in Duluth, MN. His first film produced, written, and directed for DFC is the 73 minute spiritual drama "Vigor" in 2017. Ryan and Duluth Film Company have just finished principle photography for "Sasquatch I: It Begins; The Curse of the Weresquatch", a 90 min horror comedy, with late 2017 release date. 

Robert Fredericks - Producer


 Robert "Bob" Fredericks began his career at an early age in Toledo, Ohio, as a sound and lighting technician for theater and touring bands. After attending Full Sail University in which he studied Film & Video production, he began the transition into Special FX and digital cinematography. At the age of 27 and after moving to Los Angeles, he began work on such shows as CSI: Miami and dozens of feature films. With a background in camera he became part of the Local 600 Union for Cinematographers which led him to joining Sultan of Scrape as a producer and the Director of Photography. 



Minnesota could be called a crew member and character in the film. The beauty and untouched potential awaits all who ventures to this northern oasis.